85% of consumers disregard local reviews more than 3 months old

The majority view consumption now occurs on smartphones for those aged under 55

According to the 2018 edition of BrightLocal’s Local Consumer Reviews Survey, 40% of consumers say they’d only read reviews on businesses that were written in the last two weeks. This report was taken on 1,000 adults in the United States.

We can see from this survey that the reliance on reviews is growing and having a high satisfaction rate.

Review consumption on smartphones

If you’re aged 18-34, then you are much heavier daily review readers than those not in this category.  Nowadays when reviewing a business, the public seem to respond and read the views when they’re shown on a star rating and they’d trust the business if it is at least a 4-star-rating. On average, it takes at least 40 reviews for the consumer to believe the star ratings.

A lot of businesses rely their income on good reviews which can be difficult as there are cases of review fraud.

Google is currently the best review platform for volume and it can be critical for a business to have a bad rating on Google as it is so popular in todays society.

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85% of consumers disregard local reviews more than 3 months old
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