Delivering More Than Financial Advice

Improving Client Satisfaction, Reducing Attrition, Cross Selling and Increase Referrals

Most businesses have the tools to communicate, (Website, CRM, Email Marketing, Social Media), but almost none of them communicate in a meaningful, pro-active, value add manner with existing or prospective new clients.

The alternative: Client Satisfaction Interviews identify the causes of dissatisfaction.  These can then be addressed. With an appropriate process, Client Satisfaction, Referrals and sales to existing clients, (cross selling) all increase.

Everyone knows Client Satisfaction is important and that referrals are the best source of new business, but most focus all of their sales efforts on Lead Generation and Conversion, in other words, selling to strangers.

The process of Interviewing Clients, working to maximise Referrals and Cross Sales and using the content created to automate marketing is relatively straight forward, but without guidance Business Owners and Managers invariably fail to implement it properly.

Most accountants are focussed in the past.  The more innovative, dynamic accountants are focussed on the future, helping their clients with forecasting and management reporting.  Those Accountants who take things to the next level will massively out strip their more ‘conservative’ competition.

Working with clients to help them improve Client Satisfaction, Retention, Cross Sales and Referrals moves the Accountant / Client relationship to one of real ‘Value Add’ partnership that clients will be happy to pay for.

“The whole Enquir3 process is pure genius.  It is entirely logical and makes total sense…  …we aim to introduce it to our clients. Finding out what clients think, working to maximise retention, referrals and cross sales and automating ‘Marketing’ as far as possible is a total no brainer, I love it.”
Sean Farnell – Partner, Burgis & Bullock  (read more about Sean)

Helping clients implement the process, even with a large amount of ‘Done For You’ requires a large amount of ‘Guidance’ (Business Advice).  When delivered as ‘Business Mastermind Group’ made up of several businesses who target the same market it is possible to really ‘start with the end in sight’…

When a business enjoys superb Client Satisfaction, testimonials, case studies and marketing automation they can work pro-actively with Referral Partners to both make and receive Referrals.  By working with ‘Partners’ from day one increases Fee Income, delivers superior Business Advice and results in unlimited Introductions.

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