Post Interview Support (Monthly Package)

If you are looking to simplify your processes and improve return on your ‘marketing effort’ Enquir3 offer a range of ‘marketing automation’ options.

This delivers maximum business benefits:

Improve Client Retention:

  • Identify client ‘frustrations and desires’, discuss one to one, action = improved satisfaction and engagement.
  • Understand and address the causes of dissatisfaction and communicate details to all clients.

Introduce Value Added Services + Upsell or Cross Sell Services:

  • When thanking clients take time to remind them of any ‘Added Value’ services they may be missing out on.
  • If analysis or discussion indicates a sales opportunity, explore the potential and introduce a sales person.

Setting up the perfect time to ask for Referrals:

  • Having interviewed, then sent a ‘thank you’ gift, addressed any causes of concern, requested permission to publish positive words, made the client giving the testimonial look great and then calling to say thanks…
  • Can we conceive of a better time to be asking for and receiving more referrals and posts on Google+ etc.?

Marketing Automation

Assuming a level of activity that sees one selected client being interviewed each week, Enquir3 can take care of all the follow-up activity. This can also includes the ‘Automated Testimonial Processing and Publishing’ technology your web developer will need to install on your website.

* Includes:
– Up to 10 attempts to interview each client.
– Arranging for the thank you gift to be sent (The only extra cost for you to consider is the cost of the gifts and related fulfilment)
– Writing the ‘engagement content’
– Sending emails, updating the website, posting to social media on your behalf.

Marketing Content:

As well as Retention, Referrals and Cross Sales the process will deliver marketing content at no additional cost, this content will assist with the following:

  • Positive comments on third party review sites, e.g. Google+ (make it easy and ask at the right time), which in turn will add *ratings to your website pages online, especially valuable for local search.
  • Social Media Engagement:  Adding client specific content and asking them to read and approve will increase your social media engagement and online endorsement.
  • Improved ‘On-Page’ Conversion:   Regular, credible evidence of client satisfaction in key areas of your website will help with ‘on-page’ conversion.
  • Improved Lead Generation:  The ‘technology’ works in a manner that results in Google finding fresh content on key pages of your website every time it indexes content which improves your search engine rankings.

The systems and processes you need to ‘automate’;

  • Client Engagement – through a structured programme of customer interviews and targetted follow-up activities.
  • Content Moderation – through the management control panel.
  • Collation of Feedback Scores – placed on your own website and associated directories.
  • Content Distribution – onto your website and into your social media channels.
  • Referral Request & Reward – to generate automated referral requests.

Scope of services

Deploying the process to improve Client Engagement and Satisfaction is a pre-requisite to Cross Selling and requesting Referrals.  In addition this delivers Marketing Content, (i.e. Testimonials, Case Studies and News Item Content).

Delivering results

As a systematic, ongoing programme all the key business metrics improve:

  • Improved Client Satisfaction resulting in improved Client Retention and increased Lifetime Client Value.
  • Identifying ‘gaps’ and systematic Cross Selling results in increased sales to existing clients.
  • Automating ‘Marketing’ improves both Lead Generation and immediate and medium-term Conversion.
  • Systematically working to request and receive Referrals.
  • Addressing Dissatisfaction Drivers results in Improved Operational Efficiency and staff morale.
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