Referral Partnerships

Perfect profile + current need + ready to proceed

In summary there are two types of Referral Partnerships:

  1. Internal Referral Partnerships:   
    Getting your clients to systematically refer your business to their own clients.
    Identify and work with your ‘happy’ clients, i.e. those who deliver an excellent service and whose own clients include those that match your ‘ideal prospect profile’.  Then setup Internal Referral Partnerships and work with an independent third party acting for both companies to avoid any data compliance issues.
  2. External Referral Partnerships:
    Getting non-clients to systematically refer you into their clients.
    Enquir3 are already managing this process on behalf of other companies.  These companies are keen to establish ‘External Referral Partnerships’ with others provided they can demonstrate high levels of client satisfaction and there is a ‘match’ in their respective client base.

The second of these, the External Referral Partnerships is the easy one to deploy quickly if you work with Enquir3 because they already work with a number of Referral Ready businesses keen to enter into Partnership and will be happy to broker introductions.

The Internal Referral Partnerships will take longer to setup and deploy. Before you establish referral partnerships with your clients, both you and they need to be Referral Ready to protect you, them and other clients.

How much time does this take and what is the initial investment?

There is no simple answer, as every business is different.  A low cost Client Engagement Audit involving 10 clients is the typical start point.  The Audit only costs £399 + VAT and comes with a full money back guarantee – if you are going on a journey it helps to know where you are starting out from!

If you would like to know more please email or contact us on 0207 100 5180.

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