Virtual Finance Director

VFD Pro provides a comprehensive suite of Management Information tools including reports, pre-populated business growth models, management by exception reporting, and an interactive Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboard.

Enhanced Performance Reports

The Enhanced Performance Reports provide you and your clients with unparalleled business insight, by highlighting not only historic performance but more important the underlying business drives that will impact your client’s future performance, positive or negative.

Business Growth Advisory Reporting on past performance is key to understanding the history, but Business Growth is all about the future and for that you need tools and models to help you project historic performance, understand which key drivers will have the greatest impact on future success and profitability, to forecast and plan for the future.

Opportunity Exception Reports Help your clients by highlighting ‘quick win’ opportunities to cut costs, improve margins and increase revenue, all of which deliver huge value to your clients allowing them to pay themselves more whilst improving their EBITDA and their company value, a winning formula for any relationship.

Strategic Partners

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