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23 MAR 21

Measure what matters – Client Retention and Acquisition

Improve Retention, Increasing Sales and Generate More Referrals.

  • How well are you looking after your customers?
    How do you measure your levels of customer satisfaction and engagement?
    On average businesses lose 20% of their customers each year…. that’s’ a lot of ‘churn’.

Invest just one hour and discover practical solutions to: Improve Retention, Increase Sales and Generate More Referrals

The event was extremely well organised, very professional, and the objectives were very clear. The presentations were excellent, and there was great interaction with those present.

Ray Watson

It was engaging all the way through. I was just wanting to understand the whole process and the benefits of BMG. It gave me a very clear picture of what those benefits would be. Very well run event.

Nigel May

The power of the groups is in the collaboration of minds to help solve your business challenges

John Newlyn

The support network and coaching and training are excellent

Joy May

I wanted to be in a coaching environment to help me improve me be better as an individual in my business. The facilitators have been influential in how I look at my business.

Gerard Dugan

“I wanted more than a networking event – its been fantastic – The facilitators have both been very influential in the way I’ve looked at my business. o get brutally honest feedback is invaluable. There’s a willingness in the room to help you succeed.”

Robin Thompson
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