81% of people think less of a business if its website is outdated

New research was taken on customer satisfaction about their experiences when using a website. A survey was held on US-based respondents of 1,013 Americans. This reveals that 18-60 year olds would think poorly of a business if their website looks ‘outdated’.

Something else we found that would make people turn away from certain sites is the lack of a search button/box as more than 40% say that this feature is very important to a website.

What do customers want in a website?

We have asked what could make a website experience a lot better for customers and results say that 50% of the respondents said that reviews and photos guided them through the website a lot easier. 25% of the respondents said that they favour a website if it follows up with them about a product in their shopping cart.

Do people really care about privacy and personal data?

On a survey, nearly half of those said that they didn’t mind if their personal data was kept on a website, just if nothing affects their user experience on the site. Although this is said, 36% of people said they feel very concerned about their privacy online.

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