Engaging your customers via social media

Physical experiences

This title may be rather broad but by physical experiences, I suggest that gifting your customers physcial rewards is always a great and engaging feature for a company to do. Doing this via social media would be the best way as you are able to create an easy sign up to win something online – this is done a lot on twitter. Another way you could do this via social media is to do a poll named ‘what would you like to win?’ for all of your customers to see what they’d like most. This type of engagement is very rewarding as it shows your customers that you care enough about them to give them something free of charge. They also feel as if they are more part of the company which will usually make a customer want to spend more – this will increase their LTV (life time value) to the business.

User Generated


Having user generated content is great for social media as you are proving to other customers and social media followers that they can put a great deal of trust in you and the work you provide just by seeing other customers’ reactions. So, posting your customer testimonials on all of your social media platforms will be useful as then they can all see your reviews. By posting on all platforms, all types of people will see this post which will also encourage more engagement e.g. likes, retweets, comments etc.



Including personalisation in your social media post is up there with one of the best engagement techinques you can do. This is because if a customer tweets a simple question about your business and you reply with their name in it, it shows them that they’re speaking to a real person with an honest response. Customers find that if they are talking to a ‘robot’ or an automated response, they will leave that chat unhappy. So, it is best to use your customers names on social media as they will get the feel that they are getting real help.

Interactive Elements


These are great on social media as they are usually very quick and effortless for your social media followers to do. These can be, polls, questions, quizzes, voting, challenges, countdowns to offers and lots more! When these elements are quick, the viewer is going to be a lot more likely to take part in it which will hopefully result in them having a good experience, imprinting a happy experience with your business. It is always good to interact with your social media followers as you may find you can get more customers that way by referral.

Share Valuable Content


It’s all well and good posting on social media but you also need to gain followers from other businesses and social media friends in a way. For example, it is good to share something another business has posted maybe with a postivie comment e.g. ‘great idea’. Then it’ll be likely that they will do the same back to you which then means that their followers will be seeing your content, even if they don’t follow you! This is a great way to get your name out there on social media and it also gives a great social media precence to those in the industry.

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