I Just Called To Say I Love You

Well maybe you don’t ‘love’ all your customers. But they are worth a call every once in a while…

Think about it, would your customers offer similar opportunities as a result on one simple phone call…

  • Accountant… retained client in the process of leaving, generated fee income of £130,000 over 2 years (ROI, 3714:1)
  • Furniture retailer… client stated ‘we could double / triple what we do with you from £20k to £60k per month’.
  • Telecoms provider… achieved an upsell to 20% of clients interviewed. Increase revenue per client per annum of 225% within days of interview.
  • Financial services provider… identified client prepared to pay additional £6k per annum on retainer.
  • Manufacturer… discovered 6 out of 10 clients were unaware of most the maintenance services the company offers.
  • Construction company… discovered 80% of their marketing was aimed at sectors who never purchased anything.

After all, if you don’t ask… you don’t get.

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