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Funding for your business


The CAMPARI Model is used throughout many businesses when preparing for lending from a bank.

Character – Lenders must have confidence if you and your business.

Ability – Your capability to run your business well.

Means – Your ability to service the loan.

Purpose – Clearly show why you need the money.

Amount – Exactly how much you need.

Repayment – How and when it will be repaid to the bank.

Insurance – The level of risk to the lender.

How to generate the greatest return for your business:


It is useful to understand what the challenges to your business right now. This is because once you clearly lay them out, you can plan how and when you will be able to reduce these challenges that may risk your business.

Measure what matters to your business:

Lead indicators, lead indicators, inputs, outputs

It is always effective to understand these key points as they can impact your company by a great deal. It is also important that each part of your company knows all of these as each sector can affect one another. For example, sales team can affect the customer service team – so it is useful to understand where to spend time and effort and where not to for your business.

Understanding your average transaction value

how to increase the value

offering ‘bundles’ to increases sales and profits


Points to consider:


Overheads – Is your company using the best and the most efficient suppliers or could you find better?

Do you currently have a positive RIO? Do you keep up to date with it?

Are there ways you can improve the efficiency for your business?

Do you understand CTLV (customer life time value) and do you understand how to improve your business CTLV?


How do you assess the levels of customer satisfaction?


‘How was your experience’ emails

Psychical and digital fill out forms

Including a ‘chat’ section on your website

A ‘pop up’ on the company website


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