How to: Win Back Lost Customers

There’s a great deal mentioned about how to keep customers and customer retention but there isn’t enough on how to bring back your old customers. According to, they have numerous actions to be able to bring back a lost customer. The most relevant one I found was ‘Find Out Why’. This was also mentioned on other websites and it is crucial that you ask all customers that have left, why they left.

This is where you can start to make improvement.

Firstly, you want to be understanding to your customer as they must’ve has a bad experience with you business. This is mentioned by too. One thing that I thought was a great point was to do ‘Over and Above expectations’. You’ve got to think of it from a personal point of view and ask yourself what it woud take for you to return to a business were you have had a bad experience.

One could be a simple apology voucher, or adjusting your offer to them to tempt them to come back. Who can say no to a good offer? It’ also make that customer instantly feel special to your company. This is explained in good detail on

A last point I’d like to mention is to make winning back your customers less professional. By this, I mean to have more of a conversation but via social media/ email etc. This is where you can say something along the lines of…

‘haven’t seen you in a while’ ‘lets catch up’ ‘don’t be a stranger’ or ‘you wouldn’t want to miss out on this’

These are ALL personal and to win back a customer, you have to get personal.

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