What do your customers really think?

All business owners like to think they are doing a fantastic job; their clients are happy, sales are coming in and nobody is really complaining. But most of the time these business owners fail to simply ask their customers what they really think of the service being provided.

We recently conducted a Client Engagement Audit, this is what the client had to say:

“The first thing that stood out was the instant feedback we got from the interviews that happened.  It was very timely and it allowed us to consider what actions we should take off the back of that rather than waiting for the full report.  If we’d waited for the process to be complete we’d have been waiting for about 5 weeks before fact finding so it allowed us to take action right away as needed.  For me the first one gave me an insight into a situation that I wasn’t aware of but that my team was aware of and hadn’t really dealt with, so one phone call and one meeting after that and we’ve got that client back on board which is fantastic.  It’s allowed us to reengage one client who could easily have gone elsewhere and there’s the potential to do more with them now.  There’s another enquiry where we got in touch with the client and at least excused ourselves with them, and also we got some great feedback from our other clients who think we’re doing a great job.”

Without conducting the Client Engagement Audit, they risked losing these clients and repeating the same mistakes again, which ultimately could have lead to even further losses. If you would like to implement a Client Engagement Audit in your business, give our team a call on 0207 100 5180 or email support@enquir3.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Looking to improve your stakeholder engagement? Please email us or telephone 0207 100 5180.

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