Why is Client Engagement important?

Highly engaged customers and clients can be your most valuable assets as they tend to buy more, promote more, and demonstrate more loyalty. These factors are important for business growth as it can increase revenue on a long-term basis without dramatically increasing overheads. Happy and satisfied clients will also be more likely to shout about …

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What is Client Engagement?

Client Engagement is the overall quantifiable measure of the relationship between a business and its clientele. To have a good level of Client Engagement would mean that communication between company and client is positive and frequent.

Why are Enquir3 calling me?

Enquir3 may be calling you on behalf of one of your clients. We gather feedback via phone calls as part of our Client Engagement Audit process to gauge how satisfied with their overall service their clients are. This is your opportunity to give a thorough and honest testimonial of their business to them so that …

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