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FAQ Category: The Importance of Client Engagement

What is the difference between Client Engagement and Client Satisfaction?

There are many similarities between Client Engagement and Client Satisfaction, however Client Engagement is slightly more nuanced and extensive than purely the measurement of how satisfied a client is with certain criteria. In-fact Client Satisfaction and the measuring of it, is part of measuring Client Engagement, however Engagement also gauges significant other factors such as…
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How does social media effect Client Engagement?

Social Media can be an excellent tool for engaging with your clients as it’s can allow you to instantaneously connect to and share information with anyone within your various networks and channels. You’re also able to interact with content that clients and other people in your network post, which can further boost your engagement. However,…
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How can I improve Client Engagement?

The premise of improving your Client Engagement is simple; you need to build and maintain positive relationships with your clients. The exact methods can be more complicated and will vary depending on different types of businesses, clients and circumstances. Some general ways you can aim to improve engagement with your clients is to plan and…
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Why is my Client Engagement low?

There could be many reasons why your clients aren’t satisfied with your services or have low engagement with your outbounds. The predominant issues we find are companies having little to no outbound content or communication which has several consequences including your clients forgetting you exist or feeling like they aren’t important to you.

How can I measure Client Engagement?

The most effective method for measuring Client Engagement is to commission a third party to investigate your client relationships and communication as they will be unbiased and able to gather honest, transparent results, whereas if you go directly to your clients they may not be entirely honest or direct about your company and services. In…
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Why is Client Engagement important?

Highly engaged customers and clients can be your most valuable assets as they tend to buy more, promote more, and demonstrate more loyalty. These factors are important for business growth as it can increase revenue on a long-term basis without dramatically increasing overheads. Happy and satisfied clients will also be more likely to shout about…
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What is Client Engagement?

Client Engagement is the overall quantifiable measure of the relationship between a business and its clientele. To have a good level of Client Engagement would mean that communication between company and client is positive and frequent.