June 1, 2016

Why should you ask your customers for feedback?

Understanding what your customers REALLY think about your business can be crucial to its ongoing success. Without asking the question,...
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April 18, 2016

How best to gather your customers feedback

“Please take a moment to give us your feedback”; it’s the question that will make most people groan with annoyance....
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March 16, 2016

Sharing Customer Service Stories: The good and the bad

We’ve all had those great customer service moments that we want to share with our friends, then there have been...
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March 14, 2016

Customer Behaviour

Would frustrating your customers lead to increased sales opportunities? https://blog.kissmetrics.com/frustrate-your-customers/
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February 26, 2016

How to Obtain High Quality Feedback

Every business owner appreciates the value of feedback, but quite often they can struggle to obtain any and if they...
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January 22, 2016

How can you improve your business in 2016?

The New Year is the perfect time to take a step back, evaluate and to make changes. Most people will...
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September 21, 2015

Improving Customer Satisfaction

There are so many examples of company’s doing things in the name of ‘Improving Customer Satisfaction’ and doing it so...
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May 5, 2015

Are you ready for the social media revolution?

Did you know that mobile devices now drive over 50% of all ecommerce traffic? Plus more people now own a...
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April 8, 2015

How to generate word of mouth referrals

We all know that the best way of generating new business is via word of mouth - powerful testimonials from...
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